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Knowledgeable Salt Lake City Attorney Has Extensive Federal Court Litigation Experience

A lawyer who understands the way the federal system works

In the legal profession, federal court may as well be a world away from state court. The rules and procedures are different, the expectations of judges are different and the set of possible outcomes is different. When you find yourself involved in a federal civil case or federal criminal case, you’ll need an attorney who knows the complex federal system.  At Jon D. Williams, P.C. in Salt Lake City, we have decades of experience, including extensive litigation experience in federal trial courts and federal appeals courts, and we have handled hundreds of federal cases, so you can rely on us to advise you from beginning to end.

Capable firm handles even the most intricate federal criminal cases

Many criminal cases are prosecuted and adjudicated in federal court. Some are for violation of specific federal laws, while others involve crossing state lines, use of the mail or internet, and other conduct that creates federal jurisdiction. If you believe you are under investigation, bring in an attorney right away. Don’t wait until you’re arrested. Another difference is relationships. Your lawyer should have a strong working relationship with prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office. We have built those relationships, which helps to make plea negotiations more productive.

We represent clients across Utah who are under federal investigation or arrest for:

  • White collar crimes, including RICO, antitrust, conspiracy, tax evasion and bribery
  • Fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement and money laundering
  • Drug crimes, including drug manufacturing, importing and exporting drugs, and drug trafficking
  • Computer crimes, including identity theft, child pornography and cyberterrorism

It is never too early to call a lawyer if you find yourself ensnared by a federal investigation.

Protecting your interests in federal civil cases

Federal courts can hear civil disputes only in limited, well-defined circumstances. A case can go to U.S. district court if it involves:

  • A federal question — This means an issue arising under federal law or the U.S. Constitution, including civil rights cases.
  • Diversity — When parties to litigation are from different states, federal courts have jurisdiction if the amount in controversy is at least $75,000.
  • Suing a federal entity — All suits against the government or any official, department or agency go to federal court.
  • Admiralty — This includes all disputes arising from incidents on navigable waters outside the United States.

Civil lawsuits in federal court can be extremely complex, involving parties in multiple states and sometimes including state law disputes. If you need to pursue or defend a federal lawsuit, we can evaluate the situation and help you move forward.

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