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Recent Highlighted Cases:

United States vs. Majors 2:17-cr-688 Indictment dismissed

United States vs. Rodriguez 2:16-cr-652 Probation granted to client where government claimed money laundering exceeded $2.4 M

United States vs. Brost 2:18-cr-255 Indictment dismissed

United States vs. Colonna 2:17-cr-569 Indictment dismissed

United States vs. Garcia-Caraballo Time served of approximately 9 months in ATM jackpotting scheme

United States vs. Jaramillo 1:18-cr-24 Indictment dismissed

United States vs. Martinson: 2:14-cr-324 Indictment dismissed against ICE Agent charged with violating civil rights of detainee.

Christiansen vs. WVC 2:14-cv-25 Jury verdict of nearly $250,000 in favor of plaintiffs

WVC vs. Barmore 151904220 City appealed order granting motion to suppress after police officer randomly checked license plate of client and found driver license was suspended. District Court upheld prior order and granted motion to suppress. Case dismissed.

Estate of Willard vs. WVC 2:13-cv-434 Police officers shot and killed Ms. Willard. Case settled with government before trial.