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Aggressive. Professional. Reliable.

Criminal Law and Civil Rights Attorney Serving Utah Since 2004

Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Aggressive. Professional. Reliable.

Criminal Law and Civil Rights Attorney Serving Salt Lake City, Utah Since 2004

Determined Salt Lake City Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney Fights for You

The lawyer you need when your freedom and rights are on the line

It’s no secret that police officers, prosecutors and other government officials have a great deal of power. As an ordinary citizen, your interactions with these powerful people can be one-sided. When you get pulled over, the officer is in control. If you are arrested, the prosecutor decides what to charge you with. At the Salt Lake City law office of Jon D. Williams, P.C., we help Utah’s everyday people protect their rights in the face of state power. With more than 20 years of experience handling cases in both state and federal courts, our attorney represents people who have been accused of crimes and those who believe their civil rights have been infringed.

What makes our firm unique?

When someone hires us to handle a criminal or civil rights issue, we value the trust they place in us. We do our best to repay that trust by providing:

  • Protection at every stage — Because we focus solely on criminal law and civil rights, we have a deep understanding of the unique factors (such as public and media interest) that surround these cases and how to protect you through it all.
  • A long-term outlook — We help our clients understand the long-term ramifications of criminal convictions, the impact bringing a civil rights lawsuit can have and the other ways in which the future is affected by legal action.
  • Reliable communication — The relationship between attorney and client must be strong. We do everything we can to communicate clearly and regularly as the case proceeds.

From Salt Lake City to southern Utah, we’re ready to defend you and your rights at every turn.

Powerful representation for a variety of criminal and civil rights issues

Our Utah legal team provides strategic, intelligent and aggressive representation in cases that involve:

Whether you believe you are under investigation for a crime or have already been arrested, the time to talk to a trusted, proven lawyer is now.

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The Salt Lake City, Utah law firm of Jon D. Williams, P.C. is here to help with your criminal defense or civil rights case. You don’t have to take on the power of the government by yourself. Call 801-746-1460 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.